Links of Fairground interest :-    The Fairground Heritage Trust, a living fair museum with working rides. Skid, Dodgems, Switchback, Ark and Ghost Train           The Fairground Society                    The showmans weekly newspaper                    A major tourist attraction in Pembrokeshire, including Europe's largest indoor funfair, Rides include Skid, Dodgems, Chairo-o-planes, Twist, Coronation Speedway, Jets, Waltzer, Cake-Walk, Gallopers, Caterpillar, Giant Wheel, Ghost Train and Helter Skelter               The National Fairground archives                            The Fairground Association of Great Britain  Step back in time with a vast collection of organs, steam engines, cars, and fairground rides in this private owned collection. rides include Gallopers, Ark, Dodgems and Caterpiller. This is the home of "The Iron Maiden" and the Munich Oktoberfest organ.           All you need to know about this family run vintage funfair.                            The official site for the Great Dorset Steam Fair                    A world of steam, railways, traction engines and steam driven fairground.                        Home of the only working gondala's left in the world, also gallopers, organs, steam engines and possible the best christmas show there is.                         Privatly run site for fairground enthusiasts

Links of Local interest :-                   

The town website with council news 

The venue location for the Rowell Fair Society's meetings      

The Parish Church         

The local arts and heritage centre          

The borough council website             

The local paper                     

The local health centre           

Infants school         

Gladstone st school


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